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Importati forumul la Forumgratuit

You would like to import your forum to Forumotion? We are very pleased to welcome you and invite you to discover the benefits of our platform. The step-by-step guide to import your discussion forum and its community to Forumotion.

Why import your forum to Forumotion?

Forumotion is the leader of forums creation on the net. With more than one million forums, Forumotion is establishing itself as the benchmark in the market. With over 10 years of experience in the creation of forums, no matter the size of your community, Forumotion is committed to providing the help you need, the reliability you expect and a 24/7 support forum.

Forumuri Forumgratuit

Thanks to Forumotion, create the free forum of your choice, build a large community of users and start online discussions. Forumotion offers many features and skins to make your forum unique and exclusive.

Forumotion proposes four versions to make your forum stable and powerful: phpbb2, phpbb3, Invision, and PunBB. Each version is unique with an unlimited personalization. If you have an external forum in one of these four versions, you can import it easily to Forumotion.

Forumotion forums have many new & free features: free forum hosting, unlimited sub-forums, tools to moderate the discussions, RPG features, customized domain, free forum skins, awesome avatars’ creation, chat box, gallery, portal, advanced codes (templates, CSS, HTML, JavaScript), regular updates, backup of data…

Moreover, a support forum is at your disposal to answer all your questions about Forumotion forums and provides a graphic & design service.

Avantajele importului

You are the owner of a PhpBB2, PhpBB3, Invision or PunBB forum out of Forumotion? Whatever the size of your forum, we look forward to welcoming your forum on Forumotion! If you wish to import a forum with more than 100 members, we’ll be happy to offer a free domain name for 1 year. The renewal of this domain name will be also free if your forum is still active once on our service.

Formular de importare

Create your Forumotion forum
Fill the import form
Download your database
Welcome to Forumotion!

Conditii importare

Cum să migrăm forumul său de discuții despre Forumactif? Pentru a importa forumul de la Forumactif, trebuie să:

  • Să aveți o instalare proprie a forumului phpBB, inVision sau punBB.
  • Creați un nou forum pe serviciul Forumotion.
  • Accesați baza de date a forumului care va fi importat.
  • Solicitați transferul acestuia în forumul Forumactif virgin pe care tocmai l-ați creat.
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    Pentru mai multe informații despre import, nu ezitați să citiți acest tutorial: cum să importați forumul meu pe Forumactif . Dacă este necesar, ne puteți contacta, de asemenea: